Sunday, August 12, 2018

Summertime slowness

Well Tessa moved to Lisa's way back in May, then Heidi in July so I could continue to repair my fence and replace some rotting posts.  That is still being finished up now as the time crunch has come.  But My girls are doign good, both came over today for some grooming, shaving their halter paths and Heidi got her ears clipped up.  

Willow and I have sporadically started training work again but it's been sporadic.  I have been using her to desensitize Heidi to dogs, so far Heidi is totally fine with her.

We have thankfully gotten some hay up into the barn.  We have started with 50 bales and I'm going to get another 50 bales next weekend so I have 100 squares total up in the barn.  I will also be calling Nelson so that I can set up trailering and hopefully 10 rolls of hay as well.  I will call or text Eddy to check with him for hay first as I loved his hay, as did the girls!  

Otherwise nothing going on.  Haven't done anything with the horses but brush them once or twice a month and work.  That's really about all I have done is work, work and work some more! 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Pony pedi and doggie agility

So it has been a fun adventure here. 
The pictures are not in any particular order
 Willow has finally learned to take her dumbbell and will run around with it in her mouth at times, so continuing training has commenced.
 Tessa finally looks pretty good, they got their pedicures done today. 
 Heidi's feet could have looked better if she didn't lean on Michael.  He was still a bit sore and stiff from surgery.  Still better than they were for sure.  I'm aiming on a 10 week schedule for now. 

 We are learning "Over" and she's got room to go higher if she wanted to. 
Then some afternoon adventuring around to check the creek out back.  

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a happy, joyous, merry Holiday season no matter what you believe in, but most of all: 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Nothing much

 Horses are doing pretty good. Tessa is still carrying extra weight that she shouldn't be.  She needs more exercise than what I am giving her.  They got to come out and graze in the backyard today because it's not raining. 

 Dad used up the rest of his can of white paint that on Jess' car so it looks LESS like a rust bucket now.  
 Willow enjoyed the warm fall afternoon while the horses were grazing in the backyard. 
I got a new roll put out yesterday.  The girls are good about shoving the holder around to reach the bottom in the middle when it's empty. 

They also got a new mineral block yesterday the old one was gone.  

Sunday, October 15, 2017

End of vacation

Today was the last day of my vacation and I got my little Texas English spot buck in today.  Trick is a good looking little buck.  I can't wait until November 4th Bardstown show.  I will see what the judges think of him before I let him cross into my girls but I am hopeful!   

I didn't get to ride any at all but my girls are so much happier knowing they are starting to do good.

I have started a different feed regimen for Tess and this time it does include a feed balancer for half her grain and the other half is a low glycemic value grain and she's back on the Spirulina wafers to try and bring her weight down into a more controlled area.  I have to be careful as the spring grass comes back in to keep her weight down.  I will invest in a grazing muzzle if I have to. 
I do however need to organize myself to get riding lessons so I can keep Tess more exercised than I am currently.  It will take some time and I will need to invest in a trailer so I can haul her out to an arena to work more.  

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Quick update

So it's been a stupid long time.  In that long amount of time not much as gotten done.  I have gotten the horses a horse style round bale holder, as modeled by the girls:

I have ridden each girl about once a month.  A lot of it has been the heat.  Tess is far more tolerant of the heat than Heidi is. 

Willow has also been good, she's turning into a little pretend farm dog:

I FINALLY caught the Bald Eagles in flight this past week! 

I also got a calf through work.  Her name is Diana and A.Lisa is bottle feeding her.  She's had a really rough start so we are all praying she can perk up and thrive.  Only picture I have of her on my computer is this one, she's a little black angus heifer calf.  She was abandoned and the farmer brought her in and paid for the first round of Colustrum and a shot of Draxxin.  Said anyone that wants to bottle feed could have her.  I said Me!  Then I had to go call Lisa and make sure she was alright with it.  So the calf came home.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Minor flooding Last night

There was some minor flooding during last nights storms.  My land bridge was the only major thing affected.  All the critters are good, abet dirty.