Sunday, April 14, 2019

Last of the weekend updates!

So Saturday was a heavy work day.  I had gone up and talked to Perry about hay, and like I am hitting road blocks everywhere, he didn't have a lead for hay either.  He said drop about 100 pounds of horse seed pasture mix on it before the rain and it should help it turn green pretty quick.  Hoping he is right I did it.  That was over $200 worth of seed.   I am down to 2 weeks worth of hay left.  Well, while I was out doing that, dad had gone over to get some fill dirt from Benny's pile and Benny brought a bunch over with his bob cat and re-made the bridge.  I seeded that heavy and put the last of my straw over it to help it grow quick.  


Then today was an interior kind of day.  I was in the barn taking some pictures of my babies that I kept back from the spring litters.  I culled out more than I am keeping, that's for sure! 

Top two pictures are the 2 of 6 total babies from Iron Tail

Presea's trio^  of the 7 she raised.  Below is one of 5 that Mirror had. 

Funny part was everything I kept back I didn't gender check until after I had made my choices and I kept back all does.  I know if any had been bucks I would have been super hard on them because Bucks are hard to sell to start with.  I won't give these guys much time to sell when I pull my keepers, they don't sell at Frankfort, when they are 8 weeks old, they will get culled out.  I have a litter of torts in the box, and I did breed Kensie to Wily so he has to go as well.  Time to trim down. 

Friday, April 12, 2019

Lazy few weeks

Horses are doing great, more or less. Hay is starting to get low so I am going first thing in the morning to go visit someone and see if I can't get some names and numbers and find some more squares for them.  Down to 17 left.  The pasture is greening up just SLOWLY.  

Spent a large chunk of my farm sitting money for some new posts, and a new tire on my truck.  Super impressive that the tire had just peeled off the dry rotted rubber and held air for at least a few hours.  

My future show babies are looking very promising.  
 And all the other breeders always complaining and saying you can't get good ring pattern using a steel and a tort. . . . I totally beg to differ.  Nice looking little gray.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Ready for the weekend

Well I am as ready as I can be for my weekend away from home.  I was able to get a round bale from Nelson to cover the girls while I am farm sitting for Doc Skaggs until he gets home. 

The girls don't look too horribly fat this time coming out of winter from being on round bales.  

I am taking a short run up to the rabbit show on Sunday.  Mainly to sell a few of mine, and to get one show in before having to get back to get Louise out and get the Heifers all fed.  I have 9 holes going, 1 hole will have the 3 Chaucer x Vee babies in it.  The 2 bucks for sale but the doe I am keeping.  I am showing one of the sale bucks.  I will also have 2 of my English Spots for sale.   
I know even if I say it, it'll never happen, but I really do not plan on doing any more house sitting jobs.  I really am over it.  I keep fearing something is going to go wrong I know it's only 4 days this time but I am so scared something is going to go wrong.  Plus add that to having to pay Jess to feed my horses and take care of my rabbits.  She will also have to come to Doc's to get the rabbits from me on Sunday.  

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Nice spring day

The girls got their visit from their Uncle Michael and got some pedicures today and then we enjoyed some good sun time.   Heidi's feet got a good clean bill of health, Tessa not so much but not enough to keep me from starting some spring refreshing.

Even Willow enjoyed some time outside in the sunshine while the horse water tank refilled.

My current hay pile- before pulling today's bale out.  Getting a little concerned seeing how slow the grass is coming in.  Approx 26 bales in there after I pulled one for today.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Little bits of nothing

Horses are doing good, we are really enjoying this ground drying that we are getting right now.  

I got three litters of babies in the nest box as well.  
Presea's 7 are doing good too.

Mirror's 5 are growing good

And I had to cull down on Iron Tail's.  She had 9 but two were runts and just getting too skinny, and I pulled a severe mismarked kit to give the others a better chance. 

The older growing out juniors of Vee's are looking good. 

Sunday, March 10, 2019

More of nothing-ness!

Well been a wet boring wintery couple of weeks, but this weekend has finally made the turn to spring.
Everything is still mud, mud, muddy.  

 The girls enjoyed the sunshine today I put out a bale of hay and they ate some and then curled up in the sunshine to take some sleep and rest their legs.  They haven't laid down since the last time we dried up for a couple days.  This time it shouldn't rain again until Thursday so LOTS of dry days.  Thank heavens! 

 Some of Jessica's Chives are coming back on their own in the planter boxes.  Guess we had better start getting things together to start planting! 

Out of all my spring litters that are on the ground, I had 10 live babies that made it to weaning.  Both rats, and does not taking played a huge part of it, but anyway, I kept 3 back, sold 2 today alongside one senior.  I have 3 does due this week still- 2 more dutch litters and 1 English Spot litter.

I tattooed the 3 I kept back today.  the 2 bucks I will probably sell, the doe I am keeping back to raise up further.  

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Water and Mud EVERYWHERE

So apparently Kentucky is trying to break it's water record from last year and it's been more rain than sunshine lately in the Bluegrass state.  
The girls have been living in mud for months, and I fear it won't dry in the foreseeable future.  

I ventured out late this afternoon to town to see where the flood waters have come back down to so far.  Still Very high.