Sunday, August 8, 2010

Return From Pennslyvania

Rachel saying goodnight to Dexter, her velveteen that I brought up.

Me giving Cindy Bunny a quick kiss goodnight, she was the one that was calm. Spots aren't a calm breed normally.

The trip home. That's for the first, maybe second traffic jam I hit. Construction on a Sunday, How dare they?

Not so thrilled to see that sign, West Virgina seems to go on forever! At least I knew it was going to end eventually, but as you can see the weather was nice.

Must blow up the picture and read the sign. Nutter Fort- 'nough said.

This was in Charleston, they are working on the bridges, made it feel like a covered bridge when I drove over it.

Cindy Bunny in her cage, she's sharing with Arthur until I can get Arthur into his own cage.

Arthur wouldn't sit with Cindy Bunny so I had to have a second picture for just him.

Spike stretched out and laid right down to relax, which was odd. I was expecting him to want to run around after living in a show carrier for two days.

Nessa I put outside in the x-pen, I let Blaze out when I got there, since he pouted on mother since mom didn't let him out when she fed. Blaze was interested since Nessa is a girl. Good size comparison picture too. Nessa's almost full size.

This is Blaze after I got all the Spots and Arthur settled, he made me run around the yard to catch him. I guess he got even for not getting out earlier.

It wasn't a bad trip. I had a lot of fun. Rachel and I got our Walmart trip out of the way. I was nicely sunburnt and Rachel needed a pillow so I got to drive teh Chevy HHR(Their rental car) over to Walmart(Pillow and Lotion). Rachel and I have a history with Walmart trips-though we used to go Friday Nights, not Saturdays. Cindy went to bed around midnight, Rachel and I looked at each other and snuck out of the room since we couldn't sleep. Barefoot and in our PJ's we walked around the parking lot and grassy area for almost an hour before we finally got tired, just talking and everything and Anything. We've decided to do these trips at least twice a year. April/May will be the next one. Though we will find a better hotel/motel room. This one was sooo dinky and cramped- it was a bad thought later on. We had changed hotels due to price, this one was cheaper. Well as the saying goes "You get what you pay for"- and boy did we ever. We shall learn from this experience.

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