Sunday, June 24, 2012

Taking the Girls for a spin!

Well Aunt Lisa brought Lizzy and Grandma over for a little while, and first Lizzy and I took Gabriel and Colby with us to Tractor Supply and Lowes to pick up some stuff and then came home and took Heidi and Bahloo for a ride. 
Lizzy hasn't been riding in a little while she tells me! 
I gave her Bahloo as Bahloo is much better trained. 

Heidi and I had to lead out at first.

Went around Alfie's yard and then headed out back to go around the barn. 
The barn was a mistake- the clover was high enough the two were giving us hassles getting their heads up and leaving the feild.  Opps!!
Us chatting on the way back- and my legs were killin me!!  I know better than to wear shorts/Capris riding but it was just so hot out. 

Went past dad and the camera and up to the road, and rode down the road to the Roarks, Abby and Nathan have been eyeing the horses, I figured to set them up on Heidi and walk them around.

Heidi was an angel (I look past the whole head down grazing while in the saddle- that bit is my fault, I let both girls do it before-unteaching is a bit more difficult).  Bahloo must have not liked the girth, she's all hot and sweaty from standing in the sun, she just stopped and plopped herself down in the Roark's front yard.  Short way down for Lizzy to get off, but I was worried that she was heat stroking.  I yanked her back to her feet, we walked back over to the water faucet, dropped the saddles on the ground and cold hosed both girls down.  I knew it was getting hot and both girls are black. 
I hope Lizzy had fun!  It was certainly very nice to have someone that loved horses as much as I do to go riding with! 
Who's next to go with me??

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