Monday, June 30, 2014

Front Porch has started!

Dad adn James set it up to build his new front porch, so today I got to drive 4 different vehicles in 4 different counties!  So much Fun!  
First thing in the morning, I took Jim's big truck and trailer up to get the lumber(So truck #1, from Bath county to Montgomery county and back to Bath co.)  Then mom said I had to go bring the truck back to Jim and come back, she didn't want me to leave her alone for too long.  Back to Clark county I went!  

 Then to continue the vehicle jumping I did today, I swapped back to dad's truck (#2) and came back to Montgomery county from Clark to pick up my truck (#3) in Montgomery county and then came home.
Then Chase messaged me if I could pick up the chin doe and tattoo a few rabbits for him.  No problem.  I grabbed the key for Grandma's car and headed to Rowan county(#4 car and #4 county)
I got home, James and Josh were already done.  They got FAR the first day!
 Old front porch is now the new back porch.

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