Sunday, January 4, 2015

Catch up

Well, I've been neglectful of this quite a bit.  About a month before Thanksgiving I got Willow, who has made an appearance in the previous post.  Aunt Lisa and I are now starting training with her and Tinks since the one person has failed to get ahold of me about actual classes.  I'm learning from her as well as teaching Willow.  Lowes was our place of training today.

Heidi's been awesome.  She was super for Thanksgiving for the kids to mess with her and get pony rides, and Misty came in with her since there was so many kids they could spread out amongst the two mares.  Photo's are courtesy of Brian.

And later December a saddle popped up that was deemed a good fit for her since nothing else has fit her quite right and it's a Thornhill Dressage saddle.  And despite the size being way bigger than I was even looking at, the saddle fits her and me really well.  We've been riding in it for a couple weeks now and I've ridden more with this saddle and longer than I have in any other saddle that I've bought for her.  Two hours in the saddle this past Saturday alone was two and a half hours before I got down and was only mildly sore.  Most wonderful so now hopefully I can get her fit and get some decent training in her.

I'm hoping to do better with keeping up.  I don't do much other than work, Willow and Heidi.  Every now and then bunny pics(Been too cold to bring the camera out there and there's so few now!)
I promise to do better!


Kylie Standish said...

That saddle looks so comfy!!

Heather said...

it is! wait until you can try it! 20" seat which I thought would have been too big but it's really not!