Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dog Show Day!

With Aunt Boo and Sarah visiting of coarse it had to land on the same weekend as a dog show-hosted by the German Shepherd Club of Cincinnati.  So the three of us ladies all went!
I entered just the single show, that's all I was ready for.  Other than feeling like I made an ass out of myself out there we did great!  2nd of 4 with a score of 95.  Beaten by a 99, beat an 85 and an 80.  We did good.  I was very proud of her.  We still have a LONG way to go to be a solid good team but we are going there.  No pictures of me in the ring, just a video on Facebook.

And Lisa took Tinks to try and get her title leg and start her obedience title.  I won't go where that ended up completely but a few pictures- again video's are slowly getting uploaded to Facebook.
Aunt Boo and Sarah were going for a UDX leg(Someone correct me if I am wrong) and she needed to Qualify both in Obedience and Utility.  She didn't get the Utility qualifying score but did get one in Obedience.

I know she said it was a sloppy job on Sarah's part but it was awesome to see her work!

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Lisa Warner said...

I too thought she and Sarah looked awesome, I would be thrilled to have Tinks look that good!! She needed to qualify in Open and Utility to get a leg for her UDX. You have to get 10 legs to get a UDX title. That's some serious hard core work!!