Saturday, March 12, 2016

Girls day with Kylie

First thing we did once we were both up was go to the barn.  We had every intention of getting all 4 equines ridden today.
Kylie needed to get on Sabrina again and it's not for a long time so I took Penny.  She needed the saddle time, she gets forgotten more easily.

Then after short rides for Penny and Sabrina we grabbed our drafty girls and got their energy out!

Then after several hours at the barn, well spent, we ran some errands to Lowes for staples(for the air gun), then Kroger for some groceries, and then lastly TSC for some stuff and then we headed for home!  Then we watched Flicka 3-which was really good, and now Dreamer.  Then I think we're both calling it a night!  

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