Saturday, February 4, 2017

Little things

In the only effort I have to do rabbits again I bred EVERY doe I had in the barn.  3 due 1/23, 2 due 2/2 and the last three due 2/14.
Well Flower lost her 7 kits, Legend has 3 and Hailey has 4 from 1/23
Then on 2/2 Natalie has three and GiGi(english spot) has 9
Only leaves Clover, Raven and Connie for 10 days from now.  
 The horses have been doing pretty good.  I am a little worried that they are developing thrush with everything been so wet lately.  4 more weeks at the latest until they get their feet done.  I am going to attempt to get them done mid month since Tessa really needs it.  I finally picked up her feet today- first time since she's been home.  

 They were curious as to what dad was doing as he was putting down the latest 6 buckets of rock dust over the walkway.

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