Sunday, March 21, 2010

All Sorts of Babies!

Phoenix and Heidi enjoying the front pasture

This is baby Larry. 10 Day old Herferd/Angus cross steer. He's such a cutie pie, he arrived today after the bunnies were moved to their new Hut.

THe Dutch baby, this is Lana's last. Born March 19th.

Mini Rex babies, born March 17th, one baby was lost through the cage wire. One castor, one harlequin, 3 whites(probably Red eyed) and One tri colored.

Velveteen Lop babies, born March 18th. 4 solid blues(Like daddy Wordy), 3 broken blues(like Mommy Shelly), 1 solid Blue-Tort, 1 broken blue tort.


Cathryn said...

Nine babies out of that Lop litter?! Isn't that kind of a lot? I hope she is a good mom!

Heather said...

So far so good, she's a bigger lop, around 8 pounds so far. I hadn't figured on so many babies, all the breeders i had talked to said 4-5 in a litter. My luck I guess. She is a great mommy. Aunt Lisa's even held the babies! The babies are all growing by leaps and bounds.