Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Paris Trip

Jasmine's got her nice pretty official halter! I've wanted to get her something pretty for a long time and Quillians was the only place I knew of that did the name plates so I finally got her halter(which is a cob size- a size Quillians doesn't carry with a throat latch) up there last Thursday. Aunt Lisa brought me up there, we drove a round a little and soo badly wanted to stop and take random pictures of baby horses but too much traffic. I went this morning, cutting time a little short and ran back to Paris & Quillians, to pick up Jazz's halter. So now I can actually do pony rides with her and she looks pretty!

I swung back by Aunt Lisa's and put it on her before running home to get ready for work.

Just a random picture of Clairborne's main gate. That's the farm Aunt Lisa and I saw the gorgeous Gray Stallion out when we went through there Last Thursday.

Drive by shot of mares and foals, I had someone behind me so I got down to 40 MPH and just took a shot real quick, not sure what the camera would take and what it would not.

Sorry, no other decent pictures of horses because Rt. 627 is a bit too busy to just stop in the road and take pictures, tourists or not!

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