Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Buns! Lovely trip

These are the new babies, that came home today, they were swapped from Marilyn in Virgina(meeting in Beckly WV). These are from her first litter of Velveteen Lops, she swapped for two of my babies-which ironically was my first litter. They are 7 weeks old right now, still have some growing and filling in to do before they can look like Sophie. The solid tort is a boy, Purple Thistle's Parker, and the broken black is Purple Thistle's Leah.
I will post pictures of hte trip that I took through the car window's while I was driving eventually. West Virginia was very pretty.


Ezzy said...

please say you didn't drive and that pics. that isn't very safe.

Heather said...

pics were taken while i was driving, you can even see the steering wheel and the bug splattered windsheild :) not sure i got the pics i wanted, i was watching the road, not the camera