Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunny Day

Well this time at least I got them in order.

A shot of the mini's also taken from the porch yesterday. Josie right in the middle, she just looks so pretty. Bo-on the right- does look chocolate, but he is lightening up some. Doesn't show the golden glow of Arizona's coat though.

No one is going to know Michelle, but she was the youth that I introduced to my world of horses and bunnies(through Rachel of coarse) and this is her and her Appaloosa mare Blizzard taken today.

This morning, Gabriel decided, despite the heat, to sit for the camera after his grooming session. I still have to build myself a small grooming table to groom them and pose them for pictures. Nails and fur on all three Holland boys and Skye only got nails, she was hot and she'll bit if she gets too hot.

All this playing outside got me burned, picture doesn't do it justice, it's way more red. Aloe was my friend tonight! Still tingling after the shower so Dad and I ran to walmart, him for sunscreen and me for aloe. I would have used my horse Aloe Heal but it's in the garage with my horse stuff. Hopefully it'll tan down so I don't have to worry too much about it.

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