Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nice day for working!

Well It was a gorgeous day once I got rolling.  I slept in to catch up on some sleep. Then I got up and feed everyone, checked out A.Lisa's little Netherland buck as seh brought him by after picking him up in Morehead(He's as cute as a button!  Must get U.Jim to post photos!) 
Then I wanted to get some more work in on Heidi under saddle. Get that steering thing down.  It's a good thing she's laid back.  
So after our work under saddle I tossed the halter on them and let them loose in the backyard to graze some of the green we still had.
Mom was worried Heidi would run off, I insisted she wouldn't- not with green grass in front of her face!

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sheltiemom said...

You guys look good!!