Saturday, August 22, 2009

SIgh of Relief!

Well my Coggins and Rabies report's came back, I pick up my health certificates in the morning(in a few hours). I booked the trailer, so if dad wants to look up the provider so he knows what kind of trailer to look for when it comes down to the time, it's CornyCreek. I liked his feedback and everything, no truck problems, nice clean big trailer. I'll be sending their grain down with them, Phoenix will have several days worth mixed up for his suppliments(Which I'll wean him down to every other day on). It is just a relief to know now that they are booked. I'll get the finalized details probably done this week, or next week.

And my little babies, their eyes are open and they'll be 7.5 weeks old when we get down to Kentucky, so I may wean them a bit early at 5.5 weeks and start letting them go at 6.5 weeks old. The halves only come from being born in the middle of the week! LOL. There's one in the litter that I'm itching to keep and show myself. From what I can see, there are no visible mis markings on it. If it is as good as it seems, I just raised my own little champion, but the face marking is typically a judges call. I've had some that one judge liked the face, but another said it was too wide. *shruggs* It's a judgement call I guess. I have found two shows within a tolerable driving distance from the Warner's address. I give up to two hours to drive. But they aren't until next spring, One in Louisville and the other is in that direction. I'll look around in the neighboring states once I get settled down with them and make sure they all have traveled well.
Well I'm starting to get excited!
Washington County Fair is also Next week, I'll be going Wednesday morning for the youth Rabbit show, Thursday for the Gymkhana(Watching only!) Friday and Saturday for myself to enjoy, the Draft Horse versatility show is on one of those days, and Mom wants to pick up some maple syrup and 'fair food'.

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