Sunday, October 11, 2009

Long Time

These Pictures are from when Uncle Jim burned the brush pile down, fire is fun, I'm just not that good with them. And had to get a few of dad helping Uncle Jim put the posts in for the sheep shed extension, but they started that when the fire had started to die down.

Aunt Lisa and Uncle Jim took me to the Festival of the Horse(Piper's festival), but my little camera wasn't very effcient at taking pictures, Uncle Jim got the best ones! You'll have to see his blog, The Warner's blog for those pictures, I got mostly Piper.

Well I have been out to groom the horses, Jazz the most, she comes right up, Pheeny's a bit more stubborn, so if I want to keep checking his feet, I have to use a small scoop of grain. He's got one chip in his one still slightly off front hoof, so I'm going to check that one hopefully daily, if not every other day, this way if it gets bad, I can try to see if Micheal has time to come check it out. I'm just afraid of quarter cracks or splitting his front hoof and laming him out. His abscess was bad enough last spring, I can't imagine a front hoof. I may start him on a hoof suppliment for the winter to harden his feet a little farther, the black smith in NY said his feet were fairly solid, but were a lot softer than Jazzy's feet, from where he had been wearing shoes for years. His back feet and Jazzy's feet look great.

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