Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fencing and Keeneland Race track!

A couple days ago I hung around and helped put the fence in, Uncle Jim's just bringing the boards around here.

As Aunt Lisa and I left for the track, closing day at Keeneland, Uncle Jim was still moving the gravel dust up the hill from the truck down bottom. (More pictures on his blog)

Aunt Lisa and I both have never been to Keeneland so I printed directions and off we went!

And here's a gray horse that we both loved, natually of coarse it was near last in it's race but that's because I picked it too. Opps, I knew I could be bad luck! Lentanor raced today, we missed his race by like 5 minutes, but we got to watch the replay, 3rd place, not bad!

Just a shot across the track towards the board: I did get some with the film camera of horses coming out of the gate, a few of the races we watched, we got to see them come out the gate right in front of us. The track is grayish, not brown like dirt, because it's a synthetic blend with rubber and what not in it. Some think it's safer for the horses, some think no. It's still a work in progress.

The perfect way to end a day! That was from the porch behind their house before I left to head for home.


Ezzy said...

I can not figure out what the last pic is?
Sounds Like you have fun

Heather said...

it's a rainbow in the pink sky, or do you mean the tracking board at Keeneland?