Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nothing much to update with, other than posting a few rabbits on Craigslist, Jacob AKA Scrapes, a little blue polish buck. SOmeone was supposed to pick him up Wednesday night, but they had to bail and reset. Naturally, I knew that was going to happen when I brought him back to the apartment to wait, so I didn't bother Aunt Lisa and Uncle Jim going back and getting him.

Also listed is one of the little Tort dutch does. I kept one, the runt. She might have someone that wants her.

Tort Dutch Doe:

Jacob AKA Scrapes:

Few shots of the horses. Jasmine got moved over with Heidi and Phoenix because she rubbed on the gates that make up Josie and Bo's stall. She seems to love Heidi. Heidi's got a new BFF, and they are both Phoenix's girls now.

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