Sunday, December 13, 2009

Longgg week

Well, I'll start with a picture of Wordy in a cat sized Christmas outfit! I got the outfit at the dollar store.

Well the poor rabbit tarp didn't survive Wednesday's wind storm. Now I know that the wind can get really awful! It did literally bend the green stakes that were supporting the legs as you can see in the pictures. Three of the stakes were bent literally around the cynder blocks. But, the duct tape held! LOL. So I guess in the next war of the wind I'll brace any that needs it with duck tape.
I'm still modifying things to keep it dryer in the mower shed, where dad and Aunt Lisa moved them wednesday, since I had to go to work. If it hadn't been raining today I was going to cut the boards to line some more of the wall. Thankfully none of the boys that I have right now are sprayers. At least none that I know of. Everything seemed normal today when I put the stuff in on the floor, the expanding pine pellets. Aunt Lisa reminded me of them. They're fun and you know when they get wet so it will be easier to keep them clean, fresh and dry.
Dad and I are back to looking at houses again. I know we have a lot of time until the lease is up but to find a nice place and I can get the rabbits to, to get them out of the mower shed, and I can start putting fencing and the barn for the horses.

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