Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nothing Much

Ahh I am loving the picture update. I haven't gotten any in the snow, I've spent a bit more time working on getting the walling up behind the rabbits and forgot to take pictures- how silly of me. I think my Christmas shopping is ALMOST done. I've got a couple more people left to pick up and wrap. Plus the horses and bunnies have to get their Christmas apples(big horses will get full apples, mini's will get halves and the bunnies get a quarter each). I've got a few apples to cut up now! LOL.

Sorry, *Love* the mane, soo gorgeous. Just look at the length!!!

He needs to get a mane like Sundown, Of coarse, let's hope he can actually mature to look half-way decently. So far stretching his ears hasn't worked, hmmmm, I'll have to figure something out to get his ears a bit longer so he doesn't look odd . . . .

Ahh, my *bears*.

Snowy I got from Rachel for Christmas. She knew I missed the snow so she got me a bear from Build-A-Bear, that is covered in a snowflake pattern.

Taylor the bunny. She's also got a nurses outfit, but I picked her up a red Christmas Dress.

And my patriotic pup that doesn't have a name yet. I got him in honor of all my family that is in the military. I'm thinking Conner or Sampson.

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Ezzy said...

how about skippy?