Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter has come, Autumn has gone

The horses agree- winter has come. There is snow on the ground, it's winter. Wonder what Pheeny and Jazz will think in a day or so when the snow is gone. . .

Here's pansy goof-ball Jasmine. She's got her blanket on because she's too hot blooded and it was going to snow- and she was cold. She definently prefers it down here in KY, it's a lot warmer for her Arab blood.

And Miss Heidi posing for a picture

Phoenix eating way down the fence line. Heidi was being social with me so I didn't want to get too close to make Phoenix thing Heidi wanted his food. He's got a really light blanket on, his is more for wind/water protection. Too many cowlicks and his fur loves to soak up water and hold it, the blankets to keep the wind and rain off him.

And Autumn went to a new home today. She was a decent show and a good brood doe but I don't want to breed Hollands anymore because the other breeders are incredibly rude and it's not fun to even show them. That's how I knew it was time to get out of them. Three that I have left I've had since they were little, Gabriel was 7 weeks old, Skye was 8 weeks old and Speedle was moved nestmates, and mommy when he was 2 weeks old and he's never left me since then. Blaze is just lucky, he was my first, he will stay with me until he goes to wait for me.

Here's LRU's Autumn in the truck traveling to meet her new owner, Hilda. Autumn now lives in Morehead, KY.

Dad and I(Mostly him, he knew what he was doing) fixed back up the tent for the bunnies. It has 2x4 legs, but back to the PVC for the roof rails and the side rails. and Yes that is DUCK TAPE. I know Duct tape doesn't fix everything, but boy it sure is universal and multi usable.

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Ezzy said...

geez, we're getting sleet soon. does that count?