Friday, January 1, 2010

Changing over and Upgrading!

Before and After Photo's: Did the Driver's liscense on December 29th:

*thanks to Uncle Jim for editting the photo. I didn't even think about that . . . Blonde day?

Plates on the 30th:

The after photo was taken after dad(basically, I helped a tiny bit but I froze) got the Hitch put in on my truck:

Dad under the truck. I helped him get it into place and from there, with only one socket, he finished up on his own. I had to go let Jazz loose anyway. She wanted so badly to come inside the gate, I tied her while she ate and she had to wait there until I was good and ready to let her go down to get hay that Pheonix and Heidi were already eating. She'll learn patience one way or another.

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