Sunday, January 17, 2010

Long Time Nothing

The snow had finally gotten melted off, I brought the x-pens over so I could block the doors open to the shed so the buns could get fresh air. I set up one of the x-pens so I could toss Blaze outside to try and clean his cage out. I gave up today and took his cage completely out so that hopefully next Sunday is warm enough to get his cage down to a car wash and use the pressure of the hose there to get his cage good and clean.
One of Mr. Reese's cows came to see what the little white Fluffball was.

Heidi in the Snow. I had to get pictures of the big furry children of ours out in the snow.

Heidi's picture came out the best. Naturally of coarse Jazz had to turn around and not look at me.

Phoenix had to get his heavy blanket on. He has thick fur, but apparently old age has a few things to say about how warm he can stay. He does have new belly straps for the blanket now, but of coarse it warmed up and he rolled in the mud with it, so it's straps, both his blankets, and Jazz's blankets are on the cap of the truck, because it was raining today to try and wash some of the mud off them. Jazz got cold but she'll have to deal with it for today because her blanket was wet on the truck cap. Eventually I'll have to find her a rain sheet so she doesn't get cold. Silly Arabian blood, can't keep warm.

I will try to update a bit more often as the weather gets better. I'm hoping to get a nice day off without too terribly much rain so I can get Bo and Jazz both out and worked with- Jazz needs bending and lunging and Bo more manners.

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Cathryn said...

That's really cute of the cow checking out the bunny!!