Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rachel Made It!!

There's Rachel as she's coming out of the Terminal down to where I was waiting. It was both of our first times in Blue Grass Airport.

I brought Rachel with me on Wednesday morning when I went to feed. I brought her in to the sheep pen and she got to meet Ivy, Big Larry, Little Larry and the others. The Larry's and Ivy were the only ones that came up to her. She wanted to see the mini's so we had to go to their dividing fence since they didn't come to the top of the hill that day.

Big Larry getting his head rubbed.

Riding in the truck one day, not sure which one it was. I know we were coming back from Hope- but that's about it.

I was checking Bo's chest, I know he likes to rub his rump but I wanted to check his chest as well, since he appears to be itchy.

It's been a few days but hey, why not. I'm always a bit slow on the uptake. There are a ton of pics that we've taken but these few were the main ones. Today we went to Lexington to the Craft stores(and were sadly upset about them, A.C. Moore was 100x better.) and Rachel wanted to stop by this Palm reader too. Sadly neither of us took cameras or anything.

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