Saturday, January 26, 2013

Finally warmer outside again

Its been super cold the past week and I didn't do much outside at all-except maybe get a cold! 
But today was decently warm this morning so I went ahead and took the ponies blankets off.
As they ate supper I put Phoenix's mid weight back on him since Heidi used his heavy weight as a play toy today- that's what I get for hanging it over the railing I guess.
I'll be looking around for one of the horse balls and maybe Heidi will play with THAT instead! 
I went up to see how the round bale was doing after being out for a tad over a week
Still has a couple days left!
You can see where the water level had been but it went down and the drainage ditch in the pasture looks a lot better- plus lower!


sheltiemom said...

When Heidi was here she used the garbage cans for soccer balls. I bought a jolly ball, but she didn't play with that. Apparently not as much fun!!

Heather said...

I'm going to try to find one of those horse sized balls, like 3 or 4 foot in diameter, wonder if she'd play with that. Wonder where to find one too. I watched her pick up my jacket where I had flopped it on the ground this morning and walk away with it too . . . smarty pants mare!