Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Overdue posting!

     Well it's a long over due posting so with as few words as possible and pictures in the middle!  Opps Definently catch up time!
     Well Friday Kylie came down for spring break and being the only decent day we went for a ride(we had intended to ride a bit more often!) Well first things first, we measured Phoenix and got the right gullet into his saddle, then as I was bringing the saddle back into the barn so we could ride, I slipped in the mud, knees down and saddle down into the mud!  Heck the poor saddle didn't even get on the horse before getting filthy!  So we rode-me filthy and all!
     After our short ride Kylie showed me how to pull her mane, so I pulled Heidi's mane basically even.
     Phoenix and Heidi were grazing across the drain feild while I did this.  You can see the mud on Phoenix's saddle now!
Then Saturday was a bunny show!  We didn't do quite as good as normal but we're improving!
     On Sunday we went around looking at boarding barns for when Kylie moves down- we found a winner! Tamarack which is about 10 miles from A.Lisa's, he's got several horses we can use for lesson mounts and then in the fall when I put Phoenix down I can move Heidi there and have a HUGE indoor to work in all winter long!  That indoor is 210'x 160' and stall board is only $400 a month. 
     Then a short blurb on Ladies Night ~Round 2~ at least for A.Lisa and me!  Kylie had never fired a gun and there was still a few spots for Monday nights Ladies Night, so we went! 
Me and the Walther PPK (380) were good buddies!  I REALLY like that gun!  Found out it was James Bond's gun too- shamefully I'm not a James Bond fan. 
Tony Pignato was the instructor- his two helpers this time were Evan and Josh.

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Jim Warner said...

I like the picture with the bunny in Kylie's lap.