Saturday, August 17, 2013

Day 2 of some fun!

I started out today by going up to a swap meet.  Took 12 baby dutch with me and only 6 came home not too bad considering how late I was!  I was the last to show as a few people had started to leave, and I was most certainly the last to leave! 
Someone was set up there making/engraving the 'dog' tags.  So I got two circular ones for Heidi's bridles.  One side just has Heidi on it, the opposite side has my cell phone number on it.  A purple circle for her nylon bridle, a black circle for her leather bridle.  The silver heart tag I have will be for her halter as soon as I order her one!  It's near the bottom of the list she's got her big draft halter that does fit her for the time being but it already has a tag. 

Then I saddled up Phoenix for a stroll around.  It let Heidi run the field and kick up her heels, she was disappointed it wasn't her that got to go out.  Maybe tomorrow we'll try her again depending on how the weather holds out!  It felt strange to be back on Phoenix, like I had no horse under me.  He's not as wide as Heidi in anyway shape or form. He kept wanting to take off into a canter, but I wouldn't let him go faster than a trot then he gave up and I just guided him to the best clover spots and let him eat.  I was amazed  that Heidi's old bridle was able to shrink down enough to fit Phoenix.  I didn't think the brow band or the nose band would ever fit so I didn't bother at all with them.  Dad came home and I got him to snap a few pictures real quick before I got down.  I figured the old man was getting sweaty enough under the extra pads under the saddle. 

Then I put the spray coat over the Jody and Dakota models so now all that is left to do is put the gloss coat on the hooves and eyes. 

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