Friday, September 4, 2009

Almost together!

Truck cap is in place here at home, I had to take it back off my truck, it needs cleaning the windows are VERY hard to see out of they are so dirty. I'm going to try to find the time to wash them tomorrow, soo much to do tomorrow(Saturday) and so little time.

A couple of pictures from the Washington County Fair, and we went to the Dog Agility which is run by the mother of one of Allen's high school classmates, they raise Australian Shepards, but these two little lovely ladies caught my eye, the one almost reminded me of Satan, almost the same size and body structure similar to Satan and Paige. Blue eyes and it was a Blue Merreil(I doubt I spelled that right), not Bi-Blue. The little Sable was slightly taller than Piper, but she's also still young. The other picture is from the K-9 Search and rescue team. One pure bred German Shepard, One HUGE purebred black lab(He weighed in around 120 pounds) and a Black Lab/German Shepard mix all from different zones in the area. It was an awesome show, the mix search and rescue dog, the lab/shepard mix, was also an agility dog, very smart dog. In the picture of the Shepard, you can see the black lab in the background, laying with the lady in white.

And Last but not least, my two today after their feet got done, they were surprisingly very, very calm despite the almost 90 degree day and the fly spray not working for anything. Eventually I'll learn to trust my judgement with them. I was expecting alot of fight with them getting their feet done because of the flies, but they proved me wrong again! Tomorrow is bathes so they are clean(er) for their long trailer ride, an so they don't make Heidi yucky either.

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Ezzy said...

It is pretty. It looks like you had fun.