Saturday, September 12, 2009

Last NY Rabbit show!

Well Cobleskill was the Last rabbit show of the season for me since I'm moving. I took 9 Dutch with me. It was a double show. While show 'A' didn't yeild very much for me, just a lot of comments of promise. Show 'B' was very sucessful. It's all in the judge was what I was told, and it seems to be true.
My Steel Junior doe came in second in both shows, lost to the Same Steel senior doe in both shows.
Syd (Gray Junior Buck) was second in show 'A' and Best Opposite Sex Variety earning a Leg towards Grand Championship.
Coyote- Syd's brother, was fourth 'A' show and third 'B' show.
Sam was the only Blue senior buck in both shows so he was best of variety.
Amita was second in show 'A' and third in show 'B' as a blue senior doe.
Mimzy was first in show 'A' and second in show 'B' as a blue senior doe, she's Amita's daughter.
Josie(Actually Rachel's rabbit, but still Amita's daughter) was third in show 'A' and first in show 'B'.
my black and blue junior bucks were both very promising, I can't remember where they placed but wasn't first off the table, and not first place.
Neena was best senior tort doe in both shows, but she was uncontested, and she took Best Opposite sex variety.
All in all it was very good day. At least Syd should have won me a little money, and a leg. Neena might, depending on the number of rabbits entered and number of exhibitors. None of the blue did.

If all the research that I've done down in Kentucky, and talking to Mr. Brown, there aren't a lot of Dutch breeders down in Kentucky, so the competition isn't so stiff, I should be able to do better down there than I did up here.
I forgot my camera so I wasn't able to get any pictures. But I'm really ready to continue the condition them all winter and show in March, April or May down in Kentucky near Lousiville.

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Ezzy said...

way to go!
Have a funa nd safe trip