Friday, September 18, 2009

Getting There . . .

The bedroom is a disaster zone, but by Saturday night, it will be basically empty. It's got to wait a day or so, I pulled a muscle in my back(right side, right behind the shoulder blade) and I couldn't really move yesterday. I'd rather let it heal up a day or so before I try packing and cleaning.
Here's the picture I took a while ago for Jess of the corner of mom's room, there is actually a floor there!

And Magic, while at the time of this post she's happily sleeping, I learned a few more things at the vet's office. Her laryanx wasn't opening fully, that's why she couldn't breath. WIth her age, it would have been too difficult a surgery to fix and with her hips, it wasn't even worth the try. I stayed with her until she feel asleep, scratching her head. And still for a 14 year old dog, she had damn good teeth, that still amazed the vet how good her teeth were. We did something right at least, she never did get the training she needed, but I was young and a bit naive. But she got to say good bye to 'her girls'. Allison took it harder than the kids did. I felt terrible for doing that to them. I shall always remember her as the dog that I made many mistakes with but it was worth it!

Sorry this was such a sad post, but I'm actually fine with it. I came apart worse when we put Starbuck down, and he wasn't even my horse!

The rabbits are getting there, I've hosed almost half of the cages and the others will be done, between Saturday and Sunday. The morning we leave I will be hosing every tray before they get stacked in the truck.

Before and After shots of one of the 'doubles' which my Holland Lops and Mini rex are in. Can you tell it's molt season? I can't remember which Holland was in that cage, I think it was Gabe. I've got a pair of dutch girls in one. Poppy, mini rex doe, is in one of the other cages because she's bred. If she keeps the babies through the move it will be wonderful, if not, I do have months to rebred her and get a live litter from her, and Lana(Gray Dutch doe) is bred along side her for Rae. I'm holding her because Colby is the one she's bred to because he throws the best looking offspring out of all of our dutch bucks(Rae's and My own), but Lana belongs to Rae. I can show her in the spring if it's before Rae gets down to get her, I don't mind, she's going to hold a mini rex baby for me(Blue otter too!).
Well I promised to help Rae with her homework, the best I can. I can't guarantee I'll be that helpful in History.

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