Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nice Weather!!!

A Cutie picture of Piper, she was being cute and wanted her belly rubbed after a gorgeous day.

I first started my GORGEOUS day with putting the bridle on Bo so he can keep getting used to it and I could get it fitted correctly. He wasn't bad, but still a little ways away from ground driving.

Bo later, I took his halter off to see if the rubbing will go, it's from his runny eye that got under his halter. He'll be fine, I might get him a horse collar (Like a large dog collar), So he has something on.

Heidi-before- she laid down for her nap. She's in one of the only snowy spots left in the feild/yard and it's not even that snowy anyway now. The sun was out almost all day.

Jazz dozing in the sunlight. I took their blankets all off because it was in the 50's. She's gaining weight too! It's only been 2 weeks on the Weight Builder. Might still go over to the Rice Bran Oil after this container of Weight Builder.

Mr. Chubby Phoenix! He's been eating good I guess. It's a shame I can't get him out into the other feild for a few trail rides, too many cows over there. I don't need him whigging out on me and shaking like a leaf in a hurricane when he sees them.

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