Monday, February 8, 2010

Random update

This picture is more for Rachel and Cin to see. My bed, I actually made it look pretty. Usually I don't bother, but Rae- Snowy is in good company with Skipy(The puppy on the far end), and Taylor(bunny in the middle)

It had snowed long time ago and the girls all came out to play. They were excited to play in the snow and run around.

Bo kept looking at me once I got him to go eat. I tried to get a good picture of him next to Josie, he's soo much shorter than Josie. He kept looking at me as if to ask me why was I taking pictures of his butt, but that's the only good angle I could get tucked up inside the mini's barn away from the wind. That and he has such a pretty tail, I love the shading in it.

Dracaena and the Cyclamen plants that I have in my room. The Dracaena is the pinkish grass like plant, the Cyclamen is the flowering one. I have to stop going into the garden section of Walmart. Keep finding odd plants that look pretty so I get them. No Orchids for me, those are mom's flowers.

The Amaryllis bulb finally flowered, three flowers out of one shoot/pod. I was hoping for a pinkish one, but the reddish one is still pretty.

A Hawk I came across one day heading for home. Not sure what kind. At first I was thinking Red tailed hawk female but I showed the picture to dad and he said the markings aren't right for a red tail. Hmm. I'll have to look this one up.

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Heather said...

Yes it turns out it was a red tailed hawk, a young one. As i have found out, he was probably eating the possum because he hadn't been able to catch anything and he was hungry. at least the possum was fresh, hadn't been there 2 hours prior. . .