Sunday, February 28, 2010

Still slow

This is little Lindsay, I'm hoping for a good showing with her at Louisville in April
The picture was for showing her body type, it's going to an online Rabbit forum as well.
She's just a purdy little girl

This is Mimzy, she's my second biggest hope for the show, she's not as nice as Lindsay and I've got to get her coat into condition.

Sundown munching the alfalfa leaves from the Rabbit hay, it was just going to fall through the cage wire so I figured the Mini's would adore it.

Sundown let Arizona munch on it with her a little bit.

Bo trying to get his lips in there to get some. Eventually I did push Sundown, Arizona and then Bo off so Josie could get some too.
All in all, not super exciting. Sold the baby bunnies today, along with one senior doe, Neena. All four are in a loving home with Samantha at Greenstar Rabbitry They're the start of Sam's Dutch warren. I'm hoping that Neena does have babies, she was bred to Sam last week, for Sam so she can get some nice babies to show.
I am having a little help for getting myself into trouble, looking at Aussie's. I do miss my doggie, and one day I will get an Aussie. ALso looking at horses. A couple of us horsie-girls off looking at a young horse next weekend. Pictures will come!!

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