Sunday, February 14, 2010

Playing in the Good Weather

Here's just the horses!

Jazz lost a ton of weight-as usual- and now is wearing a second blanket as you can tell! Hopefully she'll gain some more back before spring.

Just looking for grass to eat.

Heidi munching while Phoenix naps nearby, he can't leave his girl.

Goofing around with Bo. I had to scratch his lip to get him to hold still long enough to take the picture. Hopefully he'll take a harness without much problem.

Sundown basking in the sunlight as well. She was just glowing, the picture didn't do that justice but at least they got some good sunshine in before the snow that is coming down now.

Here's a picture from the property while I was walking around checking things out with dad again today. It was a little water fall way back, the water was shallow enough that carefully I could get back there without my rubber boots, which are with my horse grain.
More pictures are on Dad's blog, and I have more of inside half the barn where the bunnies, grain and tack are going.

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