Saturday, October 2, 2010

Petting Zoo Ambassadors and Jersey Larry's now Magellan!

Jackie, a lady that works at Tractor Supply asked me about bringing some of the rabbits up for a kids petting zoo event. I obliged, took the day off work and brought one ambassador for each breed and some of the dutch babies that I have for sale.

In the far ex-pen is Speedle and Michelle. Speedle was one of the favorites, everyone loved him. Michelle needed exposure to the public and socialization, hence why I kept her in the back, I was afraid of her nipping kids. I held her for some petting a few times, but she was grumpy. Little more time and work should help.

I borrowed Aunt Lisa's x-pen to put the dutch into. I sold one of the blue dutch bucks, Amita's last boy.
Jackie was miffed that I didn't bring Kevin as the ambassador for the Velveteen Lops, I brought my other buck, Parker. Parker just needed exposure to people so when he hits the show table it won't be so scary for him.

Jackie made it up there around noon with her two pigmy goats, she sat there with Cindy in her lap for a while. Cindy was being super good, she'll work wonderful as Ambassador of the English Spots.

This is Greta Goat, I think . . .

Greta and Lily's butts. They are twin Pigmy goats, and Jackie's kids.

I returned back to Aunt Lisa's to return her x-pen afterwards and found that Jersey Larry had been out adventuring the big horse pasture. On the way down the hill I stopped for some pictures.
He had been standing right in the middle of the driveway when I pulled up. I wonder if he's been conspiring with Jazz.

Jersey Larry meet Big Larry.

Big Larry wasn't fascinating enough, he had to check out the flock of sheep that came running over because of the truck. Big Larry chased them off as if to say 'he's my kind! Not yours!' right after I snapped this picture.
Long exhilerating day. The goats were soo cute, that's as big as the two will get too. Jersey Larry we are contemplating calling him Magellan since he is enjoying investigating and adventuring.

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Anne said...

Great pictures. It must have been a fun day.