Sunday, October 17, 2010

Preston Court Days and Horses

I took Sunday off from sitting at our yard sale so I could walk around Preston's Court Days, and see my furry kids. After hearing about Dad, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Jim's trip I decided to get parked by 9AM and I walked from the little country store to the far side of the village. This shot is about halfway from the store to teh actual start of the village. Yes, more people per square mile than the Warrensburg(New York) Townwide Garage sale in a village half the size of Argyle(New York). There was a TON of people.

When I was walking, faceing the Village, my truck is somewhere on the lefthand side in the picture-I think.

Just a shot downtown, lots of golf carts, 4-wheelers.

More tents!

People didn't care when they walked in front of you. For a small little town, it took WAY too long to drive through.

I did bring home a bunny. Red New Zealand buck, about 15 weeks old. The guy I bought him from said I'd get blacks from a cross of colors with New Zealands. Don't know why I believed him, we shouldn't, but purebred pair of red's is what I had originally wanted anyway. SO I might keep Pippin and get a Californian doe to cross with him to try a cross bred of two meat breeds and then purebred New Zealands. I called him Aragorn, to keep to a Lord of the Rings theme(I know Trisha isn't Lord of the Rings).

I stopped twice at Micheals to see Tessa, but she was up on the top of the back hill. I didn't feel like walking across the whole pasture just to see her. Oh well. Maybe next Sunday. I also stopped by Aunt Lisa and Uncle Jim's to see them, I lended a few hands helping them with their Chicken house, and then I grabbed a bit of food to start feeding Jazz once a week, beet pulp and mare and foal mix. She loved that stuff. I hope it tasted good to her, cause it smelled yucky to me. Jesse said he is going to set up a time/date to come take a look at Oriana for his fiance Holly. Shockingly after Dad had mentioned him to me and Aunt Lisa I ran into him at the gas station on the way home! Oh the Irony. Holly and Jesse looked at pictures that I had on my cell phone. I have increasingly too many pictures on my cell phone.


arshad said...

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Jim Warner said...

Thank you for helping on the hen house! Heather helped frame the front wall with the door.

Heather said...

eh i just held the boards so you could nail 'em.