Friday, October 1, 2010

More Horse and Bunny Pictures

Sam inside the x-pen, Blaze was tormenting him, but Sam's not aggressive or a sprayer so he was okay being loose with Sam and Colby on the ground.

There's Colby in the other x-pen the same time that Sam was out. Sam and Colby are my two sweetheart dutch bucks.

Gabriel outside with Blaze pestering him.

Speedle wanted a closeup shot.

I stopped by Aunt Lisa's this morning to give my girls their dewormer. Jazz was up at the water cooler.

I also stopped by Micheals to see Tessa real quick. I forgot to take my halter for her out of the truck so I used one of Micheal's so I could pull her out so mom could see her. I got mom to take a picture of us.

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