Friday, November 25, 2011

Horse world update

Technically the saddle racks were put up yesterday, but I got the picture and stuff today. 
When I get my english, I'll get another wall mount and put it up above my western.

 So today, since I was on this side, looking for my last Nylon bridle, I decided to get some new Pictures of Tessa for her flyer, I takced her up with the bareback pad and got her moving, she's really coming around into great shape.

 Eventually, since my feet don't fit in the stirrups on the bareback pad, I took that off and we worked without it.  At one point I did get up on her but she still doesn't understand what I want of her and I don't know how to teach her or tell her what I want.  It's a green horse, unexperienced trainer combo . . . We are at an impass.

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