Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First Time ever pulling a trailer. I didn't do too badly. This is as far as I made it up the driveway before the back tire spun. Backing up was way more difficult. I ended up turning around in the feild and pulling the trailer back down the driveway. Two tries to get it parked too. Not bad for a first time, I don't think.

This is Oriana, after I got her mane detangled. I only lost a little bit of the hair. I'm going to get some leave in conditioner or baby oil into her mane to keep it from doing that dread lock again, that was an ugly mess- 7 different dreadlocks.

She didn't leave Jazz, nor did she allow Bo to come near her. She had a very strong distaste for Bo, but he was being normal and pestering.

Her out in the herd, Jazz was checking my pockets, she thought I had treats somewhere hidden in there. She had no problem with the other mares(and Filly).

Pretty Girls!

She kept checking to make sure Jazz hadn't wandered off somewhere. I'm wondering if she thinks Jazz is one of her babies. Be rather hard, as Jazz is 17 and Ori's 10. She did pitch a fit getting onto the trailer. She's used to being trailered in a stock trailer, not a 2-horse straight load. We all got a few rope burns from the lead rope and finally the guy looked at her and said "Get on that trailer!" she got right up. Arab's are smart, shame mini geldings aren't as smart. We had to swing the divider to the side. Bit odd getting her out too, she didn't want to back off the trailer so she squeezed herself and turned around on the trailer, cut herself a little bit. I put some aloe on them today, I will betadine them and put some swat on them tomorrow.

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