Friday, June 25, 2010

Leah's Dreaded Vet Visit

Sophie and Leah in the truck riding to the vets office. Leah got to go in and have her back legs checked, one is at an odd angle.
Vet's diagnosis wasn't good, but there's nothing that can be done. The tendons in her knee on her right leg are torn and strained on the left leg. Her knee is almost permanently sideways. He said there was a few thing possible but they were expensive and not even gauranteed to work. They were Uterine developmental issues.

So after the vet visit, I took the two girls into Tractor Supply to pick out a toy, and Leah wanted nothing to do with any of the toys that I put down in the cart for them to pick from and Sophie picked the stuffed carrot. Parker had a ball playing with it once they got home. I put an ice bottle because the girls were really hot after all the running around we did today. The vet, then Tractor Supply lastly Southern States.

The girls were hot and tired, had to lay out and relax. So strenous being out there riding around in the truck!

Gave up on the stuffed carrot and decided to chew the ice bottle instead, pushed it away from where Sophie was laying against it. I'll have to get Aunt Lisa a new bottle.

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