Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just some pictures

Just a few random pictures of the critters. It's been hot out and what not so everyone's a bit cranky for playing.

Parker's ears are looking awesome. So isn't his tortishell colouring.

One of my girls, Parker's sister Leah. I'm going to try bracing up her back legs as soon as I can to see if *maybe* I can get them to come back around. It's worth a try-worst that can happen is it won't work.

Sundown looking pretty.

Heidi and Phoenix completely ignoring me, they had to listen to their tummies. They make such an odd pair to see together.

Oriana is smart enough to know how to remove her halter. So the two only have fly masks on, this was before I put them back on, I had taken them on rainy day so that they could be washed.

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