Saturday, September 18, 2010

The big Kids!

Phoenix doesn't have a picture with the saddle on. I was thinking of hopping up onto him, but I still have to take the trip to Quillians to get him a "D" ring bit.

Love his tail. He's my gorgeous old man.

Still well fit not too chubby. Can't wait to get his "D" ring and start working him again.

Oriana with the saddle. The girth is as tight as it can go and still too big. Time to get a smaller girth for the girls.

Didn't have time to zoom in, but I have upped the resolution of the camera.

Girth is still too large for her too. Oh well. Saddle fits them all still, but just not the girth. It's a 36inch so go with a 30 or 32 should work great for the Arabian Girls.

I had pulled Tessa out of the pasture to try my saddle on her and see if the girth fits her(and the saddle), but she has a small sore on her right side where the saddle will sit. I didn't want to mess with the stuff that Micheal had put on the scrap, so I didn't try it. She appears to have the same barrel size Phoenix did.

Tessa next to her mommy, their butts are the same size, but her shoulders are still 14 HH-ish, so she's still got a growth spurt this fall/winter.

My little baby. Tessa-girl.

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Anne said...

They are all looking Good! Can't wait to see everyone at the end of October.