Sunday, December 26, 2010

Minor Barn modification

Dad, Allen and I were slightly bored today since it's still snowing. We built the shelf to put some small things on. Mostly so I can start some organization, especially with Tessa coming in Friday(hopefully if I can get Mr. Francis to truck again).

Made this shelf out of barn board and some 2 x 4's.
This wire shelf is to hold grooming tools and the extra feed buckets that are proving useless in the winter. So you know, those fence hanging buckets, don't work terribly well on panel's. They tend to try and break the hanging arms off. I have a lot of stress marks in them so I'm switching to the ground rubber buckets as I get them back in.

Group 1 of the English Spot babies, one hoping over the other. 2 blue bucks, 2 Lilac bucks with the Tort Velveteen Lop buck

Group #2, This group has 1 Lilac buck, 1 blue doe, 1 blue buck, 1 Tort velveteen Lop

Had to find something to do today. . . .

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