Sunday, December 12, 2010

Minimul update

Been cold and snowy here at home, but the horses feel right at home, they're on the second round bale, they love that hay.

Phoenix does still love laying down to take a nap.

Sherry-Lynn(She at least responds to that name, not Oriana, so I gave up on Oriana) walking back towards the hay bale.

One of the baby Velveteen Lops. I can't wait until she can get on a show table in the spring.

3 of the Baby english spots. I lost one when I was forced to wean the 9 babies early due to momma developing mastitis. But 8 Healthy babies and a healthy momma.
Not much of an update is it? Sorry folks.

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sheltiemom said...

The spotted bunnies are so cute!