Friday, December 31, 2010

Tessa's home!

Nelson and I in the trailer getting Tessa. Off dad's camera
Me unloading Tessa. Sorry very little words here, gotta get to the good pics

Rocking horse canter! I was glad she stayed moving for me to get the camera out!

Dad took Phoenix out to munch some grass, I was waiting for Mr. Montgomery to get here with the hay

Tessa and Jazz do enjoy each other. Tessa's got a buddy!

Sherralyn stopping to take a cat nap.

Tessa watching where Dad had Pheonix out of the feild. Despite Pheeny chasing her, she still hollered for him.

Almost all the burrs are out of her tail!

Looking for Phoenix


Heather said...

and yes there are more pictures

Ezzy said...

Hi tessa