Friday, February 11, 2011

Spring's coming!

Well, firstly, sorry this is a bit picture heavy. I decided to just take a bunch of pictures while it was nice out and I had the day off from work.

Here is Father and two of his sons. Parker, Matrix and Felix from left to right.

Sophie and her daughter, Oriana.

Lots of group shots, sorry. I thought it was neat to group them up. This one is Amita with her steel daughter Keisha(Chris' daughter) and her blue grand-daughter Kylie(Sam and Mimzy's daughter, Mimzy is Amita and Larry's daughter)

I missed Syd on this photo, didn't even think about him. Colby sr, Colby's son Colby Jr, and Colby's grand daughter Rachel(Colby and Cocoa Bean's son, Vamp produced Rachel with Misty). Syd's also a Grandson (Chris x Neena-Kitty x Colby)
Only exciting news is Amita has been bred to Syd for babies, and she's due this coming week, as is Skye to Gabriel. None of the mini rex took so Gwenyth has been re-bred and White Gold is next month.

Baby nose next to Momma's nose. It was cute. Some of the babies will be weaned out tomorrow.

I had to do a few size comparisons with oen of the babies. It's one of the middle sized babies and I used the same poor 20 oz Mt. Dew bottle that has been out in the barn for a while. I used to bring hot water out with the bottle, now it just gets tossed around by bunnies in the x-pens

Cut one end off, I might be able to fit the baby in the bottle . . .

But not this way.

Now onto the horses . . .
Dad and I took Phoenix and Tessa out to hand graze on some exposed green grass in the feild over at Alfie's.

Dad had "Pops" as dad was calling him, I call him my old man, Pheeny or Phoenix. He's soo fuzzy still. I have to get him a lighter blanket like what Tessa has now that it's warming up. He doesn't need that super nice thick heavy blanket anymore.

And "baby" Tessa. She's looking super great now. The two were jumpy as all heck, but a few nights ago I listened to Coyotes from way back on the hill howling like crazy, the band down the road were going too. I can see why they were jumpy.

Jazz cried the whole time the two were gone, Phoenix returned her cry once, but once Tessa joined Phoenix out back, the two didn't seem to care about her. Tessa would look up at her a few times through the trees. Tomorrow morning I take Jazz out there, start some lunging excercise so she builds back up as she gains her weight back. Even though it was chilly outside today, I took her blanket off as well. She's gaining weight back.

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