Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back feild wire is UP!

We rolled the back wire down hill, yes it was a bit of a pain to pull it up against the fence but at least we rolled the wire downhill! 

 Dad only had flipflops on, I had boots so I was on the downhill side so I could stop it.

 But it looks like a fence!!!
 Before I tacked the wire to the metal posts, yes those metal posts aren't all the way down, they hit rock at that point.    But you can see the contour of the ground and how it drops off going into the drainage ditch.
 two straps are multipurpose!    Mine went through the blackberry bushes and the drainage ditches and dads went around the corner post.  Little roll of fence left over, and the whole roll waiting to go from the tree to the gate.
 Finished Product!
These two better be happy . . . .   I still haven't found Tess a lease person so I'm dreading when Micheal or Ryan call about doing feet, her's look horrendous, but Phoenix's look AWESOME.  He's dropping his own heels down and he is enjoying running and chasing Tess around the feild. 

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