Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ohio trip visit Jess, Ayden and get some Dutchies!!

Well I did go to Gerhart's first.  He's the nationally top ranked Dutch breeder and I picked up a few VERY nice rabbits from him.  Then loaded them up and met Jess somewhere near Hamilton, I guess, for lunch.  We chatted the whole time until I got there.  Both Silver vehicles!

 Can you tell which one doesn't belong in Ohio????
 Seh brought Ayden with her and he was laying the grass playing while we ate out lunch.  We sat and talked for little over an hour before we heard thunder and decided we'd better hit the road.
The two of 'em!  Surprisingly enough, I know Ayden's an oversized Cocker, but he's not horribly overweight, but boy is he WIDE.  7 inch wide shoulders.  For some odd reason Dizzy's last litter(Ayden's litter) got really wide shoulders.  Even Rachel said Avery(Ayden's sister that Rachel has) has really wide shoulders and is super stocky too.  Freak chance I guess???  None of Dizzy's other pups ever got it, just this last litter, same stud too.  Odd. 
Anyway, it was 9 pm when I got home, so the pictures aren't the best:

 This is the steel doe I am keeping.  She may not have the bestest markings but she's got the awesome pedigree.  Her markings don't make her unshowable, just they aren't perfect.

 This is the blue doe,  she's going to be traded for one of my old blue does.  The youths that have two of my old does said they'd just like something in trade that's equal value.  This doe has the better pedigree and better type, just one little color drag into the back stop that you can see.
 This be the only buck I picked up.  He carry's steel and blue behind him, he's a black.  The brown hairs are ones that are molting out.  He's got really nice markings and he'll be going to the show with me in October.
This one is the SUPER nice marked steel doe, she's the one being traded as she doesn't have the background like the other doe I picked up, and she's equal to Keisha  in markings and body type. 

I'll have better pictures of them tomorrow.  I took these using a flashlight to illuminate them enough for the camera to focus and use the camera's flash. 


sheltiemom said...

I'm so glad you had a nice time!

Mischief Managed said...

Heather are bunnies relatively easy to take care of? What type of cage, food, socialization do they need? I really want a bunny! Are they clean? Can they be litter box trained? Do they bite? Do you have any for sale? I could pick up when I come visit in December?