Friday, September 2, 2011

No Pictures but trip News!!

I was able to get off this morning, 9:05 I left the driveway.  Not bad, I had intended to be there earlier.  The directions weren't too bad at all, I got to the hotel at 6:20 pm with only 2 gas stops and one stop in Morgantown for bathroom and lunch. 
One in Grayson, KY and the other was about 50 miles north of Pittsburgh in some little po-dunk town.  Gas prices were all the same from KY, WV to PA, but NY jumped almost 20 cents a gallon.  Glad I shouldn't need to get any gas in NY.  The hotel is neat, other than these friggin HUGE mirrors all over the place.  If I seriously wanted to see myself that badly, there's always mirrors in the bathrooms.  I'll have to upload a picture of it tomorrow for folks to see.   This mirror above my head is serious 4 feet tall and about 10 feet long at the headboard level/area  Kinda creepy kinda neat.  It's all lonely, I miss Connie and seeing a few other co-workers and no late night walk for me!!  Olean is interesting.  I'll take some pictures tomorrow.  I got here, we checked into my room so I could put my bag in there(Camera bag weighes WAY more than the bag with my cloths and laptop) and then I rode with Nathan over to the Legion post and helped with some more decorations.  I'll be meeting with Linds and her Matron of honor after their hair appointments.  I'll have to take another shower, my hair is such a disaster zone from the drive, I took a shower after settling in for the night and left the conditioner in for almost 10 minutes, and my ahir still came out a bit ratty, so try it again in the morning!  The best thing, they have a TINY breakfast type bar at the hotel is the hotel is next door to Dunkin Donuts!!!!!!  Vanilla Chai Tea, here I come tomorrow!!!  I'll be buzzing.  After the wedding I'll be travelling up to Allen's in Syracuse were I'll upload pictures. 

And for dad's entertainment:  Guess what this idiot forgot???  Her TOOTHBRUSH.  Thank heavens for Walmart, it's only 3 miles down the road from the hotel!

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