Monday, December 26, 2011

Big day, busy day!

SO we had BIG plans for today.  I moved the horses back to the Roark's pasture, put Yogi and Bevis outside to allow the barn to air out, dry a little and give the calves some play time.  Also to put more hay up in the barn. 

 Yogi trying to eat some of the grass that is left.  There is hay out there, but they'd rather try to munch the deadish grass. We did watch both drink the water, so we know they're drinking!

Yogi enjoying himself!

 We took both trucks over to Donnie's for hay.  25 bales on each truck. 

 We did back up to the barn with both trucks to unload.
No, we didn't get stuck, two sat on the tailgate while the third drove the truck right out of the pasture.
 Plenty of hay and if I get worried in late January or even mid February, then I'll call him up for another 50 bales or something. 

  . . . and it goes all the way up to the ceiling!

 Bevis and Yogi sharing the grain after coming back inside.  I spread some hay to give them a drier floor to stand on. 
The horses happily munching their hay after coming back to their pasture.


Jim Warner said...

Is that Yogi or Beavis running around?

Heather said...

Yogi, running around like an idiot! Bevis did a couple times, but then just watched Yogi run