Monday, December 5, 2011

Lovely Rain, and Baby bunnies!

Well fo rone this jumps around, safe to say that first.

 This is one of Trixie's babies, she's had an eye infection, most likely from getting something in the eye as she was  developing, she's blind on that side-you can tell her eye is all white.  It's clearing some now, but she doesn't see on that side. 

 Trixie and her babies, she still has all 8.  She graced me with 4 boys and 4 girls. 

 Phoenix in the rain today, he's kind of muddy. .  . Okay a LOT muddy
 Bahloo doesn't look quite as bad, the blankets hold onto a lot of filth.
 So during the couple hours it wasn't raining, we went and got another 20 bales of hay, there's 35 and a half bales there!  As soon as I can put another $60 together in a week or two, I'll be  going back for another 20.  Rather to be safe than sorry, I can always use the hay for the rabbits over the summer- they love building their nests with it.

These are the accident babies, the lone surviving duo of the 8 she had.    They are 1 week old today.
After we got done with the hay, it still hadn't started to rain yet, so I grabbed Bahloo real quick, attempted to get her cleaned up at least enough to see if the bridle fit with the new holes.  Fit's nicely!  Of coarse as I was putting it on her it started to rain, so snap a few pictures and let her go back out to Phoenix, who was screaming and running around. 

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Cathryn said...

I'm glad things worked out for you with Tessa. At least you will never worry about her.
Bahloo's new bridle is very pretty. Nice color.